Friday, December 21, 2012

Blackmail Material

So Tavis came home with quite a humorous story... the kind that you as a parent are expected to keep a stern face for! So he comes to me after school and starts to tell me his tearful tale! Awhile back he lost this Pokemon book he had acquired from a grandparent. He has been seriously distraught for months now because he has lost it. I am talking tears and very emotional outbursts. I personally don't get it but he seems to feel a great loss for this missing book. Now getting into the funny part of the story I was volunteering at school when we went into the library and he told me of a quite funny conspiracy theory. He informed me that  his school library had stolen his Pokemon book... evidence is of course the fact that they have this book on the shelves and his at home has disappeared! I tried to explain to him how there are multiple copies of books and it is the libraries copy. He did not believe me. So months later and multiple complaints about the thieving library later he comes home with his sad story. He apparently took matters into his own hands and slyly took the Pokemon book in question and slid it down his pants and tried to return it safely home, it's true home. He was caught in the line returning to class with a square bulge in his pants and forced to return the book. He was so upset because he had gotten in trouble in school but it was so unfair because it was the library who had really stolen his book! Oh man I was a good mom and kept a straight face and explained the stealing thing and doled out a consequence but I wanted to write this down before I forgot it because I am going to tell him this story when he is older and has finally realized the multiple copies of the same book thing!