Friday, December 21, 2012

Best Husband Ever

So my darling husband is over making me an omelet! What's the occasion you ask? Nothing, he is just sweet! He likes to cook for me on his days off. He also has established a well loved tradition of pancake breakfasts for our kids every Saturday morning. That's nice but his talents are not limited to the kitchen he is frequently doing things for me just to be kind and make me happy. He is also always making time to spend with the kids... special time for each kid each month! Anyway we had our second anniversary this past week and I realized what a lucky girl I am to have such a wonderful husband. He took on the job of supporting me as well as three more kids and of course a new bundle of joy! He is not a wealthy man and works hard for every dime so adding us to his family was quite a responsibility to take on! Not to mention he makes it possible for me to be home and be a mommy which is the most loving thing he could possibly do for me! So ladies don't be jealous that I snagged the best husband out there... p.s. he offered to paint my toenails later today!!!